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ScreenScraper - Print screen utility

Download and save the standalone tool: Downloads/ScreenScraper.exe
Install the tool: Install ScreenScraper (using MS ClickOnce)

Languages : C#/Winforms


ScreenScraper is a small windows application that allows a user to quickly take a screen shot, select and area of the screen shot and then create a .BMP or .JPG  of the selected area. This can then be used to export to the clipboard, default folder, selected folder or attached to an email.


How to use it:

Download the application (here) and follow the instructions:

   1 - Click 'Get Desktop' to get screen print

    2 - Click image at the start of image capture, a red box should be visible.

    4 - Highlight the area required and click the image again.

    5 - To reset the selected are click the '<<' button OR click 'Get Desktop'.

   6 - Click ' View Snapshot', the snapshot image appears

   7 - Click 'Clipboard', 'Quick Exp' or 'Export' to extract the image.   The image or reference will be copied to the clipboard.



In my day to day work I test applications and report bugs/errors etc. I find myself often doing screen shots and then opening paint programs to select the area required on the screen. I thought that this tool would be useful for this and hopefully remove a few steps form the process.
I know there are other tools out there that do the same thing and new versions of windows (later than XP!) have built in functionality for this, but hey it was a project for me. I learnt more about using graphic and generating graphics on the fly and using keystrokes to get screen shots.
Some features of this application are:
The image shown as the screen shot is a new BMP, not a scaled version of the original. If for example the screen is 4* bigger than the image allocated on the UI, it will create a new image that is 4* smaller than the screen. This is done by picking every fourth pixel and creating a smaller image of the screen.
Default save location is c:\

 Screen Shots:



To Do:

    Email functionality
    Update default save location to match package
    Version : Beta0.1


This was developed for my own benefit and for fun, it is not a commercial product.



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Apr 2011


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