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Population Modeller

Live site : Downloads/PopMod/Publish.htm

Languages : C#/Winforms


This is a population simulator.  It simulates a popualtion of a small group of people.  Set them up in their own world and vary the ages, IQs and initial starting points and watch how they progress of the years. 

The model is based on a cellular automata model, where a person can occupy a single position on a map and can interact with its immediate neighbour. 

For more information please download  this more detailed description : PopModDescription.doc

How to use it:

When you have downloaded the application, fire it up and  you can set up various scenarios for the world and watch how it pans out  over time.  Try it it's fun.  Like the film 'Idiocracy' the scallies shalt inherit the earth ...


The app was developed using C# Winforms.  There is an underlying 'populaiton modeller engine.  This includes classes such as Person/Population/World/Mortality/Maps/Mathematical functions/Interfaces. 


It should install from the following link.


To Do:


Sort out the bugs



This was developed for my own benefit and for fun.  It is not a commercial product and have not been thoroughly tested etc.

April 2012

copyright (Disclaimer)