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Heat Maps for Web (also see Heat Maps for Winforms )

This site demonstrates the use and application of heat maps in a web page.


Vary the variables to view different types of heat map and click Generate to create heat map.



Info :


The site demonstrates the use of a dynamically created heat map in a webpage. The code is the same underlying code as in the winform version 'Heat Maps (winforms) '. The basic principal is that when you hit 'Generate' a new image (BMP or JPG) is created and stored on the server. This image can then be referenced in the page using the usual 'href' arrangement. The underlying data for the bitmap is created programmatically, by an underlying data set or by a user uploading the a csv file.

This tool demonstrates the use and application of heat maps in a web environment.  This particular tool is used to display Actuarial mortality and Projection tables and other dynamically generates maps. 

This tool is used to visually describe 25,000 values on each table in the form of a heat map where white is a high value and black is a low value, with all the standard colours in between.  This tool is rough and ready and these values are not calibrated and are purely for demonstartion purpose. 

Size of image is limited to 400x400.

Upload size is limited to 4Mb.

For more .NET chart please see my other site :

Languages : C#/ASP/HTML


To Do:

  • No further work, this was just for fun



HTML, Online, ASP, C#, .NET, heat, map, array, 2D, 2-dimension, plan, image



This was developed for my own benefit and for fun.  It is not a commercial product and have not been thoroughly tested etc.

April 2011

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