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Heat Maps for Winforms (also see Heat Maps for Web )

This app demonstrates the use and application of heat maps in a winform.

Download : Downloads/HM3_Winform.exe

Languages : C#/Winforms


This app demonstrates the use and application of heat maps in a winform.  This particular tool is used to display Actuarial mortality and Projection tables.  These tables are widely and extensively used in the actuarial profession. 

This tool is used to visually describe 25,000 values on each table in the form of a heat map where white is a high value and black is a low value, with all the standard colours in between.  This tool is rough and ready and these values are not calibrated and are purely for demonstartion purpose.

How to use it:

Download the application (here) and then use the two drop downs to select a table type and the size of the underlying heat spot.



The app was developed using winfors in C#, the engine is used in one of my other applications 'Population Modeller '. 

The colour spectrum used is based on a basic 1*256 pixel jpeg and but any colour ranges could be used.

 Screen Shots:



To Do:

  • No further work, this was just for fun


This was developed for my own benefit and for fun.  It is not a commercial product and have not been thoroughly tested etc.

April 2011

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