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File and Folder Comparison Tool

: Downloads/MJC_FileCompare.xlsm

Languages : Excel/VBA

Status : Beta


The FileCompareTool can be used to list and compare the Sub folders and files that sit underneath two top folders. This can be use if you think you are missing a file, two files are different versions, a sub folder has a different name etc.

I would suggest that this might be useful tool if

  • You deploy files to user’s machines/servers and want to check that they have all been done successfully.
  • You provide support, to check all the components are in place and are the same as a Source files.
  • Make a check files haven’t been tampered with
  • To simply list all the files in a folder.


How to use it:

Open the FileCompare spreadsheet (LINK) and make sure macros are enabled (see notes below).

Open the sheet ‘Instructions’ and paste SOURCE and TEST (optional) top folders in to the two yellow cells. These can be in the format:

  •  Local reference eg ‘C:\xx\xx\’
  •  Server reference eg ‘\\server\xxx\’
  •  Web reference wg ‘http:\\xxx\xxx’

(Hint: you will need to make sure you have the correct permissions)

*** Click ‘Quick Run’ button  ***

When the analysis is complete it will state ‘Complete’ in the statusbar at the bottom and the Summary sheet is displayed you can inspect the analysis :

  • Sheet 'FileAnalysis' - lists the files and displays any discrepancies. The analysis splits by Name, Folder, Last Modified Date, Version, Size.
  • Sheet 'FolderAnalysis' - lists the subfolders and displays any discrepancies
  • Sheet 'Summaries' - Summarises all the differences at folder and file level. This sheet is optimsed for printing and exporting to PDF (Excel 2007+)

This version will only process the first 10 sub folders, and the first 200 files. Please email to get the Activation Code to increase this to up to 100 sub folders and 20,000 files.


 Screen Shots:

Quick start here on the 'Instructions sheet'

Summary of analysis : An overview of the file/folder comparison.  Easy print format

Folder analysis : In depth analysis of the folder structure.  Easy to see pass/go cell colouring.

File analysis : In depthe analysis of the folder and file structure, comapres file using a number of key fields.  Easy to see pass/go cell colouring. ge ID="Image4" runat="server" BorderStyle="Double" ImageUrl="~/Images/FileCompare/Image3.jpg" Height="295px" Width="554px" />



To Do:

Get feedback on the tool and develop any tweaks. More in depth testing.


File compare, folder compare, subfolder, support, third, first, second, line, excel, vba, list, server, web, test, deployment, deliver, version, last modified, summary, analysis.



This was developed for my own benefit and for fun.  It is not a commercial product.

August 2012

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