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Excel Password Cracker

Forgotten or lost an Excel password?  Has a colleague left the comany? Need it Fast? 

This is a EASY TO USE password cracker for Excel Workbooks and Worksheets.  Simply download the excel sheet (ExcelPasswordCracker), get the product key and click RUN.  It then simply and easily cracks the passwords in your workbooks, worksheets and unhides sheets.   

Why use it?

  • Simple to use, one Excel file download, clean UI.

  • Fast

  • No Installs : there are no addins, application files or invasive software to install, in fact there is no installation so this can be used in most organisations.  Removal is easy too, just delete the excel file.

  • Keep you data, business intelligence SAFE : Unlike other services you do not need to upload your file over internet to a third party and expose youself to risk.  All your data stays on your system as all cracking is done on your local machine.   

  • Full video tutorial and demonstration : Video Demonstration

  • Polite notice : This product DOES NOT open password protected FILES, see notes in the application for more details.  If you purchase this product to open password protected files, no refunds will be given.


How to use it:

  • Open the attached Excel File.

  • Click the Button in the Excel and follow the instructions to purchase your Product Key (Only $5 USD, secure payment via PayPal) .  This will enable you to crack all the passwords in any number of sheets for at least one month.  Enter this Product Key in to the Yellow cell.

  • Click the 'Quick Run' button, navigate to the Excel file you want to crack and click OK. 

  • Give it a few minutes to run and it should crack the workboook you have selected.

  • Or visit the site for a full video tutorial and demonstration : Video Demonstration


To try this without the Product Key, simply click the Quick Run button ..


Testimonials : Some feedback i have had can be found on these forums (search for XX213)


Download : Downloads/MJC_ExcelPasswordCracker.xlsm

Download sample spreasheet : Sample spreadsheet with password protected sheets and workbook

Languages : Excel/VBA

Status : V1.0.0.0, updated expiry date to 09/09/2013.  Added Product Key.


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May 2013

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