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Cube Media (and other shapes)

Live site : wpf/publish.htm

Languages : WPF/C#/XAML


The Cube media is an engine/library of shapes that I developed to be place in a 3D space that can be manipulated.  Each shape is individual.  Each shape can be place, rotated, and moved in the 3D view.  Each of the shapes also contains a number of faces, and each of these face can act independently to show media (movies/mp3 etc) these streamed media sources can be stored locally on the app or referenced from a web source.

This group of shapes can also be viewed from different camera angles using the camera view tools.

How to use it:

To use this select a shape (by clicking on it or using the drop down), then move it.  Select a Face using the drop down, and select a video to play then press play '>'  on the Media Controls.

Then you can move, zoom and rotate the camera.

Note : Please wait as some of the images suffixed with '(Web)' may take a while to work.  They should though in the end!  A good 'Web' file to try is 'Engineering.ASX', these seem to be the best type of files to use.


The app was developed using WPF/C#/XAML, although very few of the engine is written in XAML, I found it to be much easier and natural to convert the XMAL that controlled the on screen objects in to C#.  This was a bit tedious but was preferred in the end.

Shapes included: Flat Square, Cube, and triangle.  Each shape can be stretched to create other 3D shapes.  A group of shapes can be placed on to the view and stored.  Eachshape can have actions assigned to it (eg the Mouse Click in the existing app)

 Screen Shots:


As this is a WPF site you will need to download the app and allow it to run on your system.   Please note that this is a 10Mb dowload as there are some movies and MP3s that get downloaded with it.  Without these the applicaiton is fairly compact. I have described the installation steps below:

  • Goto :  wpf/publish.htm

  • Click 'Run' (as below), then run the application.  At this point you may be asked to install some additional components from Micrsoft.

  • You may get a warning from MS.  Click 'Actions' then 'Run Anyway' eg in  IE9: 

  • The application should download and run

To Do:

Not much else really, I have a couple of ideas but that for another day!



C#, /NET, WPF, XAML, shapes, cube, multi, media, wmv, jpeg, avi, mp3, stream, move, movie, 3D, 3-dimension, 3 dimension, rotate, zoom,



This was developed for my own benefit and for fun.  It is not a commercial product and have not been thoroughly tested etc.

April 2012

copyright (Disclaimer)